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Drake Holloway was an undercover cop in the Seattle Police Department.

He had infiltrated Stacey Boss' organization. He was turned into a zombie by Liv when Blaine asked her to, though Blaine was unaware of his police activities and simply hoped to have an operative within Mister Boss's organization.

After being wounded, Blaine brought Drake to the Coroner's office, where he met Liv Moore. They dated, though she was initially unaware of both his criminal ties and his police work. Knowing he was a liability, Blaine gave him up to the Chaos Killer, who sedated and froze him.

His body was taken by Vaughn Du Clark and, after being revived, kept with the other "victims" as test subjects. Not wanting anyone else to suffer the failed tests, Drake volunteered. That test too failed, and he was turned for good. When Liv and Clive entered the facility, Liv was forced to shoot him.


  • Zombie Physiology: Zombies are mutated after being infected with a tainted batch of Utopium. The general bodily features - pale skin and hair, a lust for brains and only one heart beat per six seconds - has led to the infected to be referred to as "Zombies".[1]


  • Hunger for Brains: If Zombies do not eat brains, they become dumb, loses her humanity, and may die.[3] At a certain point, this state becomes inreversible, at which point a Zombie is said to be "Full Romero".[6]
  • Restricted Taste: Zombies lose most of their sense of taste, only being able to detect it when it was extra spicy. As such, zombies regularly spiked their food and drink with hot sauce.[3]