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The Dreaming

For as long as creatures across the multiverse possessed the ability to dream, the reality known as the Dreaming has always existed. By extension, the Dreaming will continue to exist for as long as life exists in the cosmos. The master of the Dreaming is a godlike entity of the Endless known as Morpheus.


Dream's disappearance and return

Dreaming 002

The Dreaming

On the night of June 10th, 1916, British occultist Roderick Burgess and his cult accidentally summoned Dream/Morpheus while trying to summon and imprison his sister Death. Dream was weak, so Burgess stole his ruby, helm, and pouch and held him captive in a crystal prison in the basement of his house for years.

On September 14th, 1988, one of the guards fell asleep on duty, allowing Morpheus to tap into the power of dreams and make his escape from his prison. He returned to the Dreaming, which was in ruin after his hundred years of absence. So Morpheus vowed to reclaim his fallen kingdom by reclaiming his tools, and right the wrongs that occurred while he was imprisoned. Later, with his powers and tools restored, Morpheus began rebuilding his kingdom. 

Knight Terrors

Nightmare Realm

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In the Arrowverse, the Dreaming, also known as the Dream Realm, is the source of power for the Naltorian Dreamers. When the Dorians invaded the temple of the Oracle of Delphi in 1100 BC, the Oracle hid the Dream Totem in the safest place she could think, the Dreaming.[1][2]

Points of Interest


  • Dream Dome: The Dream Dome was a technologically advanced workshop operated by Hector Hall during his brief career as the Sandman. From here, he worked with two minor dream beings known as Brute and Glob and protected innocents such as Jed Paulsen from the effects of intruding nightmares.
  • Ghost Castle: Though it is known by many names, the so-called "Ghost Castle" occupies a place both in the Dreaming and in the real world. In the dreaming, it is a magnificent palace and the home of the Dream King Morpheus. The caretaker of the castle is the librarian known as Lucien.
  • The Book Lands
  • Cave of Nightmares
  • The Dreaming Village
  • House of Mystery
  • House of Secrets
  • Mirkroad
  • Nightmare
    • The Citadel of the Corinthian
  • R'lyeh
  • The Shifting Zones
    • The Observatory
  • Shores of Night




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