Quote1 We can't entrust people to themselves. There are rules to safely operate weaponry. But there are no guidelines for what I am. Don't you get it? I can't afford to be wrong! People need control! I need it! Quote2
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Dreamslayer was a magic-using member of the Extremists of Earth 8.


At age fifteen, Dreamslayer enlisted in the Angoran military, thriving on the rules that gave his life structure. However, an accident changed him, granting him access to magic and destroying the carefully kept structure of his life, scaring him with the new complexity in the process. In order to bring back a semblance of order, he joined the Extremists. However, he came to believe that Lord Havok was wrong when they ended up causing the destruction of Angor, in which Dreamslayer had attempted, unsuccessfully, to kill Blue Jay of the Retaliators. With the eradication of Angor, he came to believe that robbing people of their freedom in ways such as freezing them in time was preferable to their deaths, using such methods to save their lives at the cost of their ability to do anything at all.[1][2]

Arrival on Prime Earth

After the fall of Angor, Dreamslayer came with the Extremists to Earth in the universe of Prime Earth. Unlike many of his fellows, he did not attack the Justice League of America in Saratoga, New York.[3][4]

Retreating to Kravia with the Extremists after a minor altercation with the League, Dreamslayer took it upon himself to control the populace of the city of Maltoras by freezing the entire city in time.[4] Upon being confronted by the Ray, he told his history to explain why he was not violent like his allies.[1] After a long discussion, Dreamslayer realized that all of his allies had failed, and he may never receive the right order, if anyone even had it. Therefore he believed it best to save life, rather than control it, and teleported away.[2]

Eventually, when Batman offered his life up to the cosmic Adjudicator to give Angor a new chance at life, Havok took his place believing that he alone deserved the honor of restoring his world, joined in his sacrifice by his former teammate Lord Havok.[5]






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