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Dreamslayer is a supervillain and part of the terrorist group called the Extremists.

As part of the group, Dreamslayer was partly responsible for wiping out Angor in nuclear holocaust. He became the only survivor of the Extremists as the nuclear explosion had sent him into another dimension. He remained there for five years before accruing the power necessary to return to Angor. Upon returning to Angor, Dreamslayer discovered that Mitch Wacky, a brilliant inventor, had created robotic duplicates of the Extremists and had taken over what is left of Angor. Dreamslayer eliminated his android counterpart and took control over the Extremists. He later drew his attentions to the Silver Sorceress, who also came to Angor. From her mind, he extracted the path to Earth and led the Extremists to conquer Earth.

Dreamslayer and the Extremists engaged into battle against Justice League Europe and holding the Earth hostage with stolen nuclear missiles while demanding the planet's surrender. Just as the United Nations surrendered to the Extremists, the JLE brought Mitch Wacky and enabling him to deactivate the Extremists. Dreamslayer's body was then destroyed by the Silver Sorceress.[1][2]

However, Dreamslayer survived as a disembodied essence and returned to the dimension that was the source of his power. In time, he was able to take possession of Maxwell Lord. From there, he used Lord's mental abilities to possess the Flash. The Flash acquired the Extremist androids and delivered them to the mobile island of Kooey Kooey Kooey, which Dreamslayer had mentally enslaved its inhabitants. He also kidnapped Mitch Wacky and forced him to reactivate the Extremists. He was only able to repair Havok due to limited supplies. As soon as Havok was functional, Dreamslayer saw no further use for Wacky and snapped his neck. Dreamslayer drew the Silver Sorceress' attention along with her Justice League comrades. Using the mentally controlled island natives, Dreamslayer had them attacked the League which cost the Silver Sorceress her life, as she is hit with an arrow in the stomach. Before dying, she neutralizes Dreamslayer in a mystical battle and banished him to where he came from.[3][4][5][6]

After the Silver Sorceress' death, Dreamslayer was released from her mind and drifted in the astral plane. In time he was contacted and granted power by the Overmaster. Dreamslayer used this power to assemble a new team of villains as the New Extremists.

In Colorado, Overmaster fostered a longtime cult who believed he was a god. This "Flock of the Machine" built a great machine to channel his energies. Their machine unwittingly transformed the Overmaster's power into global chaos. The machine also happened to pierce the hell-dimension containing Dreamslayer. Dreamslayer then took full control of the machine (and the Overmaster's power therein). He again summoned his New Extremists but was halted when the cult's leader destroyed the machine. The Overmaster reclaimed the Extremists and returned Dreamslayer to his other-dimensional prison.




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