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Drew Fisher is Vengeance Moth; a member of the vigilante and activist group known as The Movement, based in Coral City.

She is a recovering substance abuser. Older than some of her companions in the group, she joined because she wanted to help people and because she found acceptance with them.[1]


  • Psionics: Vengeance Moth can create a glowing green moth which she uses for a variety of purposes. Her moth allows her complete mental control over her body, returning its full use to her temporarily.[1]
    • Flight: Vengeance Moth envelopes her body with her green glowing moth to create wings which allow her to fly. She can, also, use the moth in a similar fashion for others, either to catch a falling ally, or lift and contain an enemy.[1][2]
    • Energy Projection: Vengeance Moth can fire energy-moths from her wings, impacting her opponents and sometimes blinding them temporarily.[1]
    • Force Field: Vengeance Moth can wrap herself in her glowing wings to shield herself from attacks.[1]


  • Restricted Mobility: Due to her muscular dystrophy, Vengeance Moth must utilize a wheelchair for general mobility, with an exception being when using her abilities for flight. This also makes it so that she has to be more careful about conserving her energy, compared to her teammates.

  • Gail Simone has stated that she intended that the character's uncle would be Killer Moth, whom she named herself after.[3]
  • Vengeance Moth is sometimes known as simply Ven, and prefers to be referred to as such, or other similar variations, such as when she refers to herself as "Moth" or when Burden calls her "Miss Moth". This is because Vengeance Moth is the name she picked for herself, over and above the one given to her by her parents. Few within The Movement know her real name.