Dro Dorno, a resident of Godbor City on Gobdor, was the producer for the popular tel-vis program Thrills of Earth, a reality show featuring real footage of natural disasters and violence on the planet Earth.

Dorno panicked when nothing exciting was happening on the planet which he could present on the show. To fix this, he decided to use advanced Gobdoran technology to create his own catastrophes on Earth. His first was to bring several transmission towers to life and send them on a rampage through Central City. However, when the show was about to air, the Earth hero Flash happened to be visiting Gobdor. The studio publicists sent Dorno to meet with him, and he was invited to show the speedster around their city. Dorno was determined not to let the Flash see any of his show, creating several diversions to distract him whenever he was about to look at a tel-vis set. However, he was not successful, as the speedster eventually saw what was happening on his home planet and returned to stop it.

Infuriated by the Flash's actions, Dorno decided to travel to Earth himself and destroy him. He attacked him with a device that caused the Flash to become increasingly heavy, eventually falling through the pavement. However, the speedster quickly discovered that the device's effects were reversed when he ran backwards, and doing this, he easily vanquished Dorno. He was sent back to Gobdor to be put on trial. Thrills of Earth was subsequently canceled.



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