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The Drummer is an information gathering specialist of Planetary.

The Drummer was one of several children who showed natural talent with computer systems and who were orphaned and kidnapped by The Four in an attempt to influence the early formation of the internet. When Elijah Snow, Jakita Wagner and Ambrose Chase attempted to rescue the children, a booby trap was set off, detonating explosive collars worn by the children. Despite her immense speed, Jakita was only able to remove the collar from one child: The Drummer. (John Stone later reveals the Drummer was the most gifted of all the gathered children). In return, The Drummer used his skills to irreparably destroy The Four's computer systems. Planetary attempted to reunite The Drummer with his family, but only to discovered that his entire family were murdered. Left with little option, Elijah Snow adopted The Drummer and recruited him into Planetary.[1]


  • Technopathy: He's an "informational black hole". He sucks up and processes information. He can read and manipulate information without a conventional computer interface and apparently has a physiological connection to surrounding information sources (such as radio waves, electronic signals, hard drives, etc.) His ability allows him to channel information and control tech that operates by signals.
    • Technological Stealth: He also acts as a living anti-surveillance device; cameras and recording devices fail to operate when in proximity to his person.
    • Information Discernment: Drums can also read and manipulate magic, claiming it is a 'cheat code' in life, which he treats as a game. Drums could 'see' an even broader spectrum of information, ranging from small things like temperature to, perhaps most notably, genetic information.[2]



  • Drum Sticks: The Drummer's drumsticks also have a purpose. Apparently if an information signal is weak the Drummer can use several techniques to help settle or jostle information, thus making it easier for him to interpret. On one occasion he has Jakita stomp on the ground to help him sense information, his drumsticks seem to be a less extreme way for him to do this.

  • The Drummer is also known as Little Drummer Boy and Drums.
  • The Drummer gets his name from the drumsticks he carries, which he habitually taps on surrounding surfaces, especially while accessing computer systems. It is uncertain whether this is related to his powers.
  • It has often been commented that The Drummer is insane. His erratic behavior and history seem to support this; it is implied that he may have had intercourse with television sets in the past.