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Drura Sehpt, alias Infectious Lass comes from Somahtur, a planet whose inhabitants' bodies are homes for colonies of microorganisms.

These colonies can infect other people while the host remains unaffected. Drura was the first of her race to travel to the United Planets. She was confined to Medicus One the medical satellite that orbits Earth and when she learned of the Legion of Super-Heroes, she immediately set about escaping in order to apply for membership. She took the name Infectious Lass, but demonstrated a lack of control and was disqualified. Though this was disappointing, she met her first real friend, the fellow applicant Porcupine Pete.[1]

After a while, the two of them joined the Legion of Substitute Heroes, but spent little time refining their powers.[2] Her accidental infection of bystanders was a recurring embarrassment, one of many which led Polar Boy to disband the "Subs" when he was admitted to the Legion.[3]

The "Subs" found an opportunity to prove themselves once again when Earth was overtaken by Earth-Man and his Justice League of Earth. In battle, Drura was cast into the timestream [4] and found herself in the 21st Century. She did not arrive on Earth, exactly, but found herself in the company of other strange heroes from throughout time. This band of unlikely allies called Team 13 was led by Doctor Thirteen and fought against a near-omnipotent group of overlords known as the Architects. Although they seemed successful in saving their own existence, the ultimate fate of these heroes remains a mystery.[5]


  • Somahturan Physiology: Drura has the powers of a typical Somahturan.
    • Infection: Drura is the carrier of thousands of different diseases. She can control, to a degree, who she infects and with what.
    • Immunity to Disease: She herself is immune to her own biological weapons.



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