Born as the second daughter of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, Drusilla grew up on Paradise Island along with her older sister, Princess Diana.

After her sister left the island, she quickly became the finest archer and rider of the Amazons.

When Hippolyta felt it was time for her elder daughter to return to the island, Drusilla was sent to America to urge her return. Reluctant to leave, Diana decided to show her younger sister of the need for Wonder Woman in the outside world. As part of this she convinced Drusilla to pose as Diana Prince's teenage sister for a few days.

During this time she accompanied General Blankenship on a car trip. They were attacked by Nazi spies who abducted the general and left her behind. Unable to contact her sister, she decided to go after the spies herself and transformed into Wonder Girl. Unprepared for dealing with this type of situation, she walked into a trap set by the spies who, mistaking her for Wonder Woman, knocked her out using chloroform.

At the spies' hideout, she accidentally revealed the location of Paradise Island. This prompted the Nazis to to stage an invasion of the Amazon homeland.

After managing to escape she exposed the spies to Steve Trevor. She then returned to Paradise Island to help fight off the invading Nazis. Once the crisis was averted, she remained on the island with the rest of the Amazons.

Some weeks later Hippolyta again sent her to retrieve Diana, this time for the bi-millennial celebration of the founding of Paradise Island. She traveled to Hollywood and befriended an American soldier named Jim Ames. She began to resent him when she found out he had lied about his heroism. This changed when he later proved himself a true hero. Afterwards she and her sister headed back to Paradise Island for the celebration.


  • Immortality: So long as she remained on Paradise Island, she was virtually immortal. Whenever she left the island, Drusilla's body began to age at the same rate of cellular decay as a normal human being. Upon returning to the island however, her immortality was restored.
  • Superhuman Strength: She was several times stronger than the average human being, and could bend steel pipes in her bare hands, or lift heavy machinery with little to no effort. She could also use her powerful leg muscles to propel herself through the air, leaping over high obstacles such as walls or fences.
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Transformation: By spinning around in a clockwise motion, she could instantly change from her costumed identity to her Drusilla Prince disguise and back again.



  • Invisible Jet: While she was never shown possessing one, she is seen flying in one to that is identical to Diana's. She traveled back and forth to both Washington D.C. and Los Angeles from Paradise Island, which would suggest that she has access to transportation.
  • Drusilla was over 700 years old by the late 1970's.[1]



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