Duane Bodine, alias Dust Devil is a "techno-cowboy," and an officer of the police force known as Top 10, operating out of the city of Neopolis.

He was often partner to Shock-Headed Peter. Duane is a reluctant bachelor, who is often shown to be afraid of his mother with ample reason, as she is a superhuman lie detector. When his mother's apartment became overrun with super-powered mice and cats, Duane attempted to solve the problem, until cosmic powers erased the incident from everyone's mind (except the exterminator, who was hence angry at not getting paid). Duane is often seen flirting with Jack Phantom, even though he is aware that she is a lesbian and also outranks him. At one point Professor Gromolko, while in custody, managed to grab one of Duane's guns and use it to commit suicide. Duane took this very badly.

Five years after the Ultima incident, Dust Devil's mother died, and he found solace in the arms of his new partner, "Curlew", a female with bird features.





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