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Dubbilex is a D.N.Alien, a cloned being created by Project Cadmus.

He is an exceptionally powerful telepath, capable of reading the minds of over a dozen people at once and even capable of creating illusions for all of them. Dubbilex was a member of the Project and one of its defenders, along with Guardian, who was a great friend of his.

Dubbilex would get drawn into the world of superheroes during the Panic in the Sky, when Brainiac captured Metron as he made his way to Earth with Warworld. Before he was captured, Metron sent his Mobius Chair to find Superman. At the time, Superman was at Cadmus, so Dubbilex acquired the vehicle to use against Brainiac.[2] With Dubbilex using the Chair, Superman and a coalition of superheroes are able to use Brainiac's Headship to launch a preemptive strike on Warworld.[3]

After the Death of Superman, when Cadmus created Superboy (Kon-El), the Teen of Steel proved too strong willed for them to control. After numerous attempts to apprehend him failed, Cadmus decided to compromise, allowing Superboy to be on his own so long as he had a chaperone to report back to Cadmus. Guardian suggested Dubbilex and Director Westfield agreed.[4] Dubbilex would go on with Superboy, his manager Rex Leech, and Rex's daughter Roxy Leech on Superboy's World Tour. Rex was uneasy about having a telepath around at first, worried that Dubbilex would call him on some of his less than savory activities, and Roxy was initially aghast at having someone who looked so alien hanging around, though she soon warmed up to him. The tour ended when they reached Hawaii and the Kid decided to stay.[5]

New Krypton

During the events of New Krypton, Dubbilex was murdered by Codename: Assassin on orders from Project 7734. He survived long enough to tell Jimmy Olsen what had happened, and asked Olsen to think of him as a man rather than a creation.[6]


  • Telepathy: Dubbilex is a telepath and can read the minds and emotional state of people within his immediate vicinity.
  • Telekinesis: He also possesses minor telekinetic abilities and can levitate small objects.

  • Dubbilex is also known as Double X and/or XX.


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