Torque was a mobster from Blüdhaven and enemy of Nightwing.

Dudley Soames was once a crooked cop, working for Blockbuster. When Nightwing arrived in Blüdhaven to attempt to save the city, Soames acted as an informant for him, intending to play Blockbuster and Nightwing against each other so that he could take over. When Blockbuster discovered this after Soames attempted to take Blockbuster's mother hostage, he twisted Soames' neck a full 180 degrees in an attempt to kill him. However, when police arrived on the scene, they discovered he was still alive, his windpipe remaining undamaged long enough for him to be moved on to life support.

With the help of Dr. Sandra Pavaar, Dudley Soames was saved via drug therapy, while sophisticated micro-surgery was able to reattach his nerve endings so that he could move again, even if turning his head the right way around was impossible. Using mirrored glasses, he was able to teach himself how to walk once more. Once he had regained a degree of his old mobility, he then strangled and killed Dr. Pavaar, and sought revenge on Blockbuster for what he did to him, as well as seeking revenge on Nightwing and his other enemies.

Leaving palindromes on all of his victims, Torque was eventually captured by Nightwing, who sent him to Lockhaven Penitentiary, where he spent many months before escaping with the aid of Nite-Wing. The two eventually double-crossed each other due to Nite-Wing's zero-tolerance policy towards crime, and Soames was murdered by Nite-Wing.


Wears glasses with mirrors in them to allow himself to look... forwards?



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