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Duel Eknham is a member of the Sinestro Corps.

Duel Eknham was born on the planet Siamgemi. Duel was born with two heads, each of which possessed a different personality. The more dominant persona favored an aggressive even violent attitude, while the more passive persona, though still violent, appeared to have a better grasp of logic and reasoning. For reasons unknown, Duel was sent to the Penal Institute of Mental Health on the planet Sedas. At one point, Duel went on a brutal rampage, killing several of the Institutes's staff members. Not long after, a yellow power ring appeared before him and offered him membership into the Sinestro Corps. Duel accepted and the ring placed itself on a finger on his left hand (the side that favored his more bestial urges). The rational aspect of Duel's mind believed that such a weapon was too delicate for his other half, but the crazed persona refused to relinquish it, citing that he could blow anyone or anything apart. Emboldened by his newfound power, Duel began arbitrarily slaughtering anyone who got in his way. During this rampage, the galactic despot Mongul (empowered by six Sinestro Corps rings) came to Sedas. Leaping atop of Duel's body, he made him a simple offer, "Follow me or die". Duel agreed to accompany Mongul and together they staged an attack against Green Lantern Corps members Sodam Yat and Arisia. They succeeded in capturing them, but Duel Eknham was of two minds over whether or not to execute them. Fortunately for the Green Lanterns, Mongul kept Duel on a tight leash and forbade him from slaughtering the captives.[1][2]

Mongul brought Duel to the Black Mercy Planet in Sector 2261. Using the natural fauna of the planet as a weapon, Mongul baited several members of the Green Lantern Corps into a trap. Duel was present during their capture and took great delight in torturing them. When the rest of the Green Lantern Corps mounted a rescue attempt, Mongul grew frustrated with Duel's bipolar behaviors and sliced him in twain with his energy ring. He provided the split halves with a surrogate energy shell to make them marginally whole, and sent them off on different missions. Guy Gardner killed "right head" with his power ring, and Duel's Qwardian ring was re-assigned to his "left head" twin. His membership in the Sinestro Corps only lasted a few seconds however, as he was soon overwhelmed and killed by a full complement of revenge-driven Green Lanterns.[3]


  • Intimidation: As per the requirements of the Sinestro Corps, Duel Eknham possesses the ability to inspire great fear.


  • Shared body: There are two distinct minds in Duel Eknham's body, each of which have different and mutually exclusive modus operendi on murder. This causes disagreement which can hinder their ability to work together.


Qwardian Power Ring



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