Duela Dent existed in an alternate future timeline wherein the former members of the Teen Titans grew up and assumed the legacies left behind by their late predecessors. Some time after an event known as the "Crisis", Duela went to Arkham Asylum in an effort to reconcile the relationship between herself and her father the Joker. The Joker turned his back on Duela and in a fit of anger she went on a psychotic rampage throughout Gotham City. Her subsequent killing spree claimed the lives of several noteworthy Gotham citizens including Cassandra Cain, Bette Kane and Alfred Pennyworth. During one of her escapades, she staged a bomb threat at Wayne Enterprises. Gotham police commissioner Renee Montoya and retired commissioner James Gordon arrived on the scene, but they were too late to stop Duela's bomb and several GCPD officers were killed in the explosion. Tim Drake, having now taken up the mantle of the Batman confronted Duela on the roof of Wayne Enterprises. Batman pushed Duela off the roof of the building, but she managed to launch a rocket-powered yo-yo and used it to ensnare Tim, pulling him down behind her. The two crashed through a window on a lower floor and Batman leveled a gun at her face. Realizing that her time was up, Duela echoed the sentiments of her father saying "If you're gonna go out -- go out with a bang", whereupon Batman shot her in the face, killing her.

  • As opposed to her Earth-3 counterpart, Duela was by all accounts, the true daughter of the Joker, though there is evidence to suggest that she may have been the daughter of the Riddler instead. In New Earth continuity, Duela believed that she was the daughter of many villains including the Joker and Two-Face, but in fact, she was the daughter of the Joker's analog on Earth-3 known as the Jokester.