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Quote1.png I was trained by The Batman, and Black Lightning, and Katana. So I have a message for The Magistrate, and those who support them... We are not afraid of you. Gotham is not your city. Everything you do will fail. My name is Duke Thomas. I'm the Signal. And you can't stop me. Quote2.png
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Duke Thomas was a member of the Batman Family, until the establishment of the Magistrate and the apparent death of the original Batman. Duke is part of The Resistance and smuggles protesters out of the city to "the outside", under the protection of Katana.

At some point in time, Gotham City mayor Christopher Nakano employed the Magistrate, a private security force, who helped him free the city from his masked heroes and villains. Gotham City became a police state under the rule of the Magistrate, who would hunt anyone wearing a mask with deadly enforcement including the original Batman, Bruce Wayne, and his Bat-Bamily. Some time after the killing of Bruce, Duke's identity as the Signal was made public and he began to carve out a role as the face of the resistance. Duke regularly smuggles protestors and refugees out of Gotham, making him a wanted man by the Magistrate.

In a plot to capture Duke, the Magistrate planted a cybernetic soldier in with a group of protesters wanted for attending one of his rallies. Duke extracted the protestors, as well as the plant, out of Gotham to The Outside controlled by Katana. Black Lightning, now a cursed being of living lightning, catches wind of The Magistrate's plan and reaches out to Katana to save Duke. Together, the Outsiders foil the plot and defeat Kaliber, who had been working for the Magistrate as an enforcer.

In the aftermatch, Duke vows to lift the curse on Jefferson and Katana gifts him the Soultaker II, anchoring Jefferson's electrical form to the sword.


Metahuman Physiology: Duke possesses the same powers as his present-day counterpart.




  • High-tech Muscle Car: a tricked out car for outrunning the Magistrate's forces. it's bullet resistant, has a high-tech visual display and can leap obstacles.
  • Signal-Cycle One: an updated Signal-cycle that can be called to him on command.





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