Quote1.png Come on! This is me, man. Duke. You know how tough I am! Been training since I met the man in Zero Year! Been two years since he brought me in... ... And I gotta stand for this protective crap? Quote2.png
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Three years after the death of Damian Wayne, Duke Thomas was allowed to take on the mantle of Robin as Batman's protege.

Duke had been training, though, since he'd first met Batman during Zero Year.

When an assassin resembling the Heretic returned to Gotham, Alfred Pennyworth was ordered by Batman to keep Duke busy running around Gotham because he didn't want him to be killed like Damian was. When he learned the reason, Duke became irritated, insisting he be allowed to help.

Later, as Bruce was failing in his fight against the Heretic, Duke arrived to save his life, inadvertently causing the assassin to burn to death. Despite his orders, Bruce came to an understanding that Duke was not Damian, and as such, should not be treated like him.[1]





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