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Quote1.png Dechalafrea Ero. A very bad God. The God of Lies, Dolos, Mendacius, Duke of Deception. He's been called by many names. Quote2.png
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The Duke of Deception is the God of Lies, once worshiped as a God by the people of ancient Greece, thus being known, and even feared, by the Amazons of Themyscira.

He has received several names for the places he has visited, such as Dolos in ancient Greece, Mendacius in ancient Rome, "Dechalafrea Ero" (be it a name or a title) among the ancient Maya.

He has been wandering the world for ages giving mortals his deceptive power through the Dreamstone, a gem that is capable of fulfilling people's wishes, but at the cost of what is most important to them.

This evil power of the God is credited with overthrowing entire civilizations, like the Roman Empire and the Mayan civilization, and in the current era he is able to put an end to modern world civilization through the influence of oil magnate Max Lord on the media and the global economy.




  • Power Limitation: The evil influence of the Duke of Deception can be repelled by renouncing the wish granted by the Dreamstone or by destroying the gem.




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