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 Durlans are an extraterrestrial race of shape-shifters.


They were originally a technologically prosperous race, until the "six-minute war", a radioactive conflict that devastated their planet. The Durlans used their shapeshifting power to survive, and even get back their civilization, but by the time they did, the radiation had affected their live young and no-one could remember the original shape of the Durlans. Currently, Durlans tend to appear as roughly human-sized masses of amorphous dark green tentacles.

The Durlans are most distrusted a result of their legendary xenophobia; Durlans strictly prohibit any visitation by outsiders and do not often leave their own world. Some of the galaxy's mistrust of Durlans stems from their native shape-shifting ability.

When Earth was invaded by Dominators, Durlans were part of the invasion force. They used their shapeshifting powers to impersonate the leaders of Cuba and built a fortress on the island nation to house a teleportation device. The intent was to use the device to send men and weapons to Earth and use Cuba as a staging ground for an invasion of North America. They were defeated, however by the Flash and the Manhunters.

Futurist Durlan Sub-Group

A second group was born out of the "six-minute war". A group dedicated to scientific research that the mainstream Durlans decry, the Futurist Durlans seek to regain full control of their genome. In this cause, they came to Earth and founded an industrial base. They were searching for a precious database, launched to Earth instants before the war began, which contained the full genome, uncorrupted. The ship landed in the Tunguska region of Russia in 1908, causing a crater, and the database was removed by the Russians before independent scientific research could be done. They have sought it ever since, all the while engaging in a covert religious war with the main body of Durlan society, who they described as "Purist Durlans".

Futurist Durlans favour a humanoid shape, with bright red skin, exposed teeth and prominent claws on their two hand.

Orange-Skinned Durlan Sub-Group

A third group, apparently spared the "six-minute war" through the machinations of Brainiac, has been uncovered since then. They were captured and turned into a bottle city by the Coluan tyrant, but were rescued during the closing stages of the New Krypton Affair by a commando team from the 31st century. It is implied that this group will somehow lead Durlan society to its place in the United Planets, and that the Daggle family (specifically the branch containing Ren Daggle and Reep Daggle) has its origins within it.

Powers and Abilities


  • Durlan Physiology: Durlans can shape-shift at any time for any length of time with little limitation on size or shape due to their near total control over their Molecular Biology. As such their physiology is in constant flux, meaning no need to take a single form. The native chosen form was a giant mass of tentacles hidden under robes. By the 30th Century the Durlans were required by the United Planets to have a default form when off world. This form was an orange humanoid with with large eyes and to antennae on the their heads.
    • Bio-Fission: Durlans can duplicate themselves much the same way the natives of Cargg can.[1]
    • Bio-Fusion: The Durlan race is capable of polymorphically shapechanging in unison in order to create warp drive able space ships out of their conjoined substance.[2][3]
    • Enhanced Senses: Durlans scan the molecular structure of any object or person they encounters via the invisible emanations emitted from their antennae. Returning as sound waves, the information is translated through their sensitive ears. Their chameleon power, through their antennae, records a person or thing's shape, which always happens when they encounters someone of something unfamiliar. They automatically absorb complete details of its structure so they can duplicate it perfectly whenever they wish. The process can not happen twice with the same person or object. Their sensitive antennae will detect any subtle difference - pore patterns, for instance - that will alert them to the uniqueness of any person or object.
    • Elasticity: Having a malleable form, Durlans can stretch and extend their form despite being in a solid form.[4]
    • Elemental Control: Durlans in their shifted form can generate the functional capacity of most technological appliances. Such as ignition thrust for inter-galactic transport ships or simulating air supply for a deep space breathing apparatus.[3]
    • Shape-Shifting: Durlans possesses the ability to transform their body's size, shape, color and substance to mimic any person, creature or object and it's substance in the universe.[5] A Durlan is able to reconstitute even if they are are reduced to a liquid form.


  • Mimicry: The Durlans are natural mimic's with most being able to act like the person or animal they have morphed into. They are able to alter their vocal cords to sound like anyone, but is limited to it's own personal knowledge of their language and speech pasterns. They're not limited to living creatures either, as Durlan's are able to simulate bio-mechanical engineering on par with even the most complex of starship mechanics.[2]


  • Power Duplication Limitation: Durlans are limited to the physical capabilities of the form he takes. For instance, they cannot gain a Kryptonian's enhanced cells. However, they can fly like a bird and/or sting like a bee.
  • Yorggian Fever: is a Durlan disease that can be fatal for some. It freezes the infected Durlan in what ever form they are in at the time. The disease also effect the persons memory, wiping out whole portions of a person life. One of the most famous sufferers is R.J. Brande, he was trapped in human form for many years.
  • Cancellite: Artificial chemical which freezes Durlans in the shape they are currently in.


Habitat: Desert like world
Gravity: 1 g
Atmosphere: High levels of radiation


Type of Government:

  • Shadow Council of Durla

Level of Technology:


Cultural Traits:



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