Dusk was a vigilante and friend of Static.

Charming, mysterious, and quite beautiful, Dusk is an ambitious, dogged teenage girl with a strong sense of justice, regularly targeting thugs and dealers that infect Dakota with crime and drugs. Her exploits eventually lead her to Static, with whom she displays a noticeable mutual infatuation even in spite of his relationship with Daisy. Dusk would periodically team-up with Static to fight crime and save lives while also constantly flirting with him and trying to show him that he can have a good time even as a superhero. Her relationship with him takes a turn when Static's friend Larry Wade becomes involved with drug dealers, resulting in Dusk being seriously wounded in a shootout while trying to protect the young man, barely being saved by Static. Later on, an injured but able Dusk approaches Virgil at Larry's grave, having determined her lover's secret identity some time ago. She informs him that she is leaving town to escape federal custody due to having recently murdered a man and encourages him to continue being Static, acknowledging his great importance to Dakota; handing him back his costume's coat that he had thrown away. Before she leaves, Dusk tells Virgil that she will always be with him and will never forget him, calling him the "Dawn" to her Dusk, signifying that her feelings for him were always genuine.

At some point later, Dusk reunites with Static and team-up for a mission. While attempting to save civilians from a burning building, Dusk perishes, driving a grief-stricken Virgil to blame himself for not saving her and to give up superheroics for a time.



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