Years ago, an artificial gravity well known as a Sun-Eater arrived in Dusk's home star system and consumed the sun, thereby destroying all life in that system. Dusk was one of the few who managed to escape from her planet and flee to another star system. Knowing that the Sun-Eater would not stop with merely one system, Dusk traveled from galaxy to galaxy, warning other planets of the approach of the Sun-Eater. Time after time, she was forced to stand by, helpless as the Sun-Eater continued on its course, absorbing solar energy, resulting in the deaths of untold billions.

Eventually, her journey brought her to the planet Earth. She crashed her ship in the Metropolis River and warned Earth's populace of the coming of the Sun-Eater. To her surprise, Earth was populated with super-powered beings, who might stand a chance of preventing yet another extinction-level event. For the first time in a long time, Dusk found a glimmer of hope.

A convention of super-heroes was assembled, and Dusk provided them with as much information as possible about the Sun-Eater. It did little good however. The Sun-Eater arrived in the Sol system and snuffed out Earth's sun. The people of Earth had less than a week before all life would be extinguished from the planet.

Dusk wandered the streets of Metropolis as fear and discord began to grip the civilian populace. Riots broke out and people grew cold and hungry. Many of them blamed Dusk for bringing the Sun-Eater to Earth – an inaccurate, yet reasonable fear. A throng of hungry, desperate people attacked her, and Dusk likely would have died but for the timely intervention of the Phantom Stranger. Enraged by their savagery, Dusk remarked that the people of Earth deserved everything that was coming to them. The Phantom Stranger explained that desperate circumstances such as this one, often brought out the worst in humanity, but it also brought out the best. He led Dusk on a journey across the globe, showing her examples of people helping others in need, and holding onto hope. Dusk developed a new appreciation for Earth's native cultures, and was touched by their bravery and heroism. Her appreciation was reaffirmed when the former Green Lantern Hal Jordan then known as Parallax sacrificed his life in reigniting the sun and destroying the Sun-Eater.


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