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Geist was a New Blood hero who could turn invisible. He was a member of the Blood Pack, a corporate team of New Bloods.


Dwayne Geyer was given superpowers during the Bloodlines event. After being bitten by the alien Pritor, Geyer was able to become invisible. He becomes completely invisible in bright lights and less visible in dim lighting. This is useful in fighting crime but makes it impossible for him to hold down a job. Using his newfound powers he helps Batman (Jean Paul Valley) defeat one of the spine-sucking aliens attacking Gotham City. He also helps fight the spawn of the Bloodlines monsters. Geist next joins the Blood Pack and fights valiantly helping them defeat the Quorum. However, Geist leaves the team after finding out he is only a member due to a clerical error.

Infinite Crisis

After leaving the Blood Pack, Geist largely retires from super-heroics until he is contacted by the Oracle while drinking in a bar. Informed the Society is attacking Metropolis, Geist suits up to defend the city. He joins with other former members of the Blood Pack, along with dozens of other heroes, in a defense line outside the city. Together, the Blood Pack fights Solomon Grundy. Geist was killed during the battle when Superboy-Prime fires a blast of heat vision at Geist and the other members of the Blood Pack.


  • Invisibility: After receiving a bite from the alien Pritor, Geist gains the ability to become completely invisible in bright light. By concentrating extremely hard, he can cause objects he is touching to become invisible as well.


  • Vulnerability to Light: A negative side affect of his new power is that he is very sensitive to light, and can be blinded by very bright lights (even when his eyes are closed).


  • Dwayne Geyer is also known as The Twilight Man.



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