Dwayne McDuffie (b. February 20, 1962 – d.February 21, 2011) was a writer.

Personal History

Dwayne McDuffie was born in Detroit, Michigan on February 20th, 1962. After a successful career in writing for comics and animated comic media, he died on February 21st, 2011 as a result of complications from emergency heart surgery.

Professional History

Dwayne McDuffie has worked as a writer on a number of DC books, but he is perhaps best known for creating the iconic African-American Superhero Static and the Dakotaverse with his own company Milestone Media. He was also the head writer on the popular DC Animated Universe shows Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. He was later given a creative run on the Justice League of America title, but was eventually removed from the position after he made comments to fans regarding behind-the-scenes discussions.

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