Dynaman was a Nazi experiment posing as an All-American hero: the body of Dan the Dyna-Mite, but the brain of Adolf Hitler.

Tex Thompson was a crimefighter who disappeared from the American eye in 1942 to fight the Nazi threat from within. He killed the German superhero Parsifal and Adolf Hitler himself. He returned to America a hero and becomes a senator with presidential aspirations.

He organized a program to defend America from the Soviet menace with a new group of superheroes. He rallied the Atom, Robotman, and Daniel Dunbar to his cause. He used a group of scientists to transform Dunbar into Dynaman, "a super-hero for the new age."

The heroes of the story discover that Tex Thompson had actually been killed in the war. The man who returned was actually the Ultra-Humanite. The Ultra-Humanite told Hitler that Thompson was a spy, so they killed him and put Ultra's brain into Thompson's body. The experiment which created Dynaman was actually the Humanite putting Hitler's brain in Dunbar's body. Ultra-Humanite was stopped by Manhunter, who had witnessed the operation, but suffered from memory loss after hitting his head trying to escape.

Once transformed into a superpowered being, Dynaman was groomed to assist Thomson when he becomes president of the United States. The plot is revealed by the JSA, who fought him in a massive battle where many lost their lives. After being softened up by Green Lantern, Dynaman was finally killed by Liberty Belle.



  • Tactical Analysis: Hitler was an expert political strategist and tactician.
  • Charisma: Hitler seduced millions of peoples in their domination plans.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): he conserve the martial reflexes from Dan the Dynamite.
  • Political Science
  • Artistry: Hitler was also schooled in the fields of writing and painting. While serving time in prison, Hitler wrote a best selling autobiography entitled Mein Kampf (English translation: My Struggle or My Fight).


  • His invulnerability will fail after a huge quantity of attacks, a point where he could be damaged by weaker attacks.

  • This character was native to the JSA: The Golden Age series of stories.



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