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Quote1.png I'm Calamity King... my super-power is that accidents and disasters happen wherever I go... Quote2.png
Calamity King src

E. Davis Ester, alias the Calamity King, tried out for the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Born on the human colony of Touston, he caused trouble for his friends and family wherever he went. He was born a metahuman; his powers caused bad luck, creating spontaneous stress fractures in people and objects.

He applied to become a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes but was rejected on the basis that he'd be as much a danger to his teammates as he would be to the Legion's enemies.

The Legionnaire Star Boy's expulsion from the Legion was briefly blamed on the fact that he had shaken Calamity King's hand. This and other superstitious feelings the Legion was having at the time were blamed on the imitation Luck Lords of Thaun.


  • Disintegration: He can cause stress fractures in structures, bodies and psyches. This causes random effects on the environment and people around. The effects can appear like random effects of bad luck.


  • Power Instability: Calamity King has no control over his powers. He is as much a danger to his teammates as he is to his enemies.