Earl Cooper was a mechanical engineer who designed the Batmobile under Batman's request.

Earl used to work for a company that would not listen to his warnings about the safety on the new prototype car and he refused to play along with them. In order to avoid troubles, the CEO of the company hired some men to attack Earl and prevent him from causing trouble. Fortunately for Earl, Batman appeared the night he was being attacked and saved his life. Since then, Earl felt gratitude towards Batman and after a while, when he was unemployed and desperate, Batman came to him and asked Earl to build him a new car. Earl spent days building the new Batmobile and after he finished, he knew that he could always rely on Batman to keep his job going on.

One time, the Batmobile siffered great damage and Batman took it to Earl's garage. However, the place was discovered by the Penguin who threatened Earl's daughter, Marva, in order to sabotage the Batmobile. In a subtle way, Earl warned Batman about the plan and thus Batman was able to escape from Penguin's trap. After the incident, Earl moved to a new garage where he would build a new and better Batmobile since the last one was destroyed by Penguin.[1]



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