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The Duke of Oil is an oil tycoon and robotic super-villain. His outward appearance is that of a loud obnoxious good ol' boy who dresses like a cowboy. Underneath his human exterior is a complicated mechanical body that can interface with machines and extend to great lengths.[1]


Earl Dukeston was an oil baron who started the company Dukeston Oil. His company tried to reduce costs by cutting corners, and this had dire consequences. Dukeston was caught in a massive explosion that destroyed most of his body. When he woke up, his mind was trapped in a robot's body. The scientists responsible explained that they had saved his brain, and put it into a body they could shut off at will. They explained that they would clone him a new body if he worked for them and cut them in on his profits. The cloning process would take twenty years, but Dukeston agreed for the chance to be fully human again.[2]


The Duke is seen twenty years after his accident working as an agent of SKULL. They send him to infiltrate Station Markovia and kidnap scientist Helga Jace, so they can steal her energy research. SKULL does not realize that this is also the headquarters of the Outsiders. Dukeston is taken on a tour of the facilities, and exposes himself when he tries to knock out Brion Markov. Helga Jace throws acid at the Duke's face, revealing the robot inside.[1] The Duke is outraged when Jace calls him a machine, and insists that he is human deep down. The Outsiders burst in to battle the Duke, but he takes control of their security system and uses it against them. Katana finally manages to split his head open, revealing that there is no brain inside and no part of him is human. The Duke goes berserk when he realizes the scientists lied to him. Geo-Force knocks him into the ocean, and they are unable to find his body.[2]

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  • The Duke of Oil is an unreliable narrator. It is very possible that his origin story happened differently than the way he remembers and explains it. The scientists lied to him about having a human brain, so it is unclear exactly what he is. The Duke of Oil is either a human named Earl Dukeston whose brain was transferred to a machine, or he is a robot given the false memories of a man who never existed.[2]


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