Earl Jenkins was once a farmworker, who was frequently employed at the Kent Farm, until he took a higher paid job at LuthorCorp.

Jenkins was tasked to clean the classified section known as "Level 3". One day, Jenkins was exposed to a green gas made from Kryptonite, which resulted in Jenkins developing health problems, that no doctor could help him with. Desperate, Jenkins went back to the LuthorCorp plant, to get answers and took hostages. Among them a visiting class from Smallville High School, which included Clark Kent. However, thanks to Clark and Lex Luthor, the hostages were released, and Jenkins was later taken into custody.[2] Jenkins later passed away from his health problems.[1]



  • Seizures: As his body tried to push out the Kryptonite, Jenkins experienced uncontrollable seizures.[2]

  • According to his tombstone, Earl Jenkins was born 1968 and died 2002.[3]
  • Earl's death was established on the tie-in series The Chloe Chronicles. However, as some tie-in material was not canon to the main show,[4][5] it is unknown if his death is canon.



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