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Earl Johnson was possessed and believed he was God.

Earl Johnson was a wealthy oil magnate who happened upon a belt buckle in a gift shop in New Mexico. This belt buckle made Johnson believe he was God, and he gave away all his money and changed his name to God Johnson. His wife checked him into Westridge Canyon Psychiatric Hospital, where a murder of an orderly occurs. Johnson is considered the primary suspect, and Lucifer Morningstar goes undercover as a mental patient at the hospital to investigate both the murder and the fact that Johnson may actually be God, his father. Lucifer witnessed God Johnson heal a wounded patient, confirming his suspicions before punching his father in the face. Lucifer expressed his anger with his dad, but God Johnson didn't even know why Lucifer was so angry. After they're both kidnapped by the real murderer, Nurse Kipsey, God Johnson apologizes to Lucifer for all he had done to him. However, when Nurse Kipsey removed Johnson's belt buckle, he reverted back to normal, forgetting all his time as God Johnson. Lucifer realized his real father would never say any of the things Johnson had said to him, as Earl went back to Texas.



  • Divine Empowerment: As a result of putting on a belt buckle that was actually a piece of Azrael's blade the Flaming Sword, Earl Johnson believed he was God, as well as receiving all of God's knowledge and gifts.
    • Cosmic Awareness: God Johnson could recall the time before the Universe was created.
    • Healing: Johnson was witnessed healing a fellow mental patient of a fatal head wound.
    • Invulnerability: Johnson was not affected by Nurse Kipsey's drugs and had no lasting damage from a punch from Lucifer. Johnson was also immune to Lucifer's ability to discern motivation.
    • Omniscience: Johnson knew immediately Lucifer was his son without Lucifer introducing himself.


  • Business Management: Earl Johnson was a wealthy oil magnate.
  • Music: While in his God Johnson persona, he could play the piano.

Other Characteristics


  • Belt Buckle, piece of the Flaming Sword

  • God Johnson was portrayed by Timothy Omundson.