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Quote1.png There are five elemental forces -- The Parliament of Earth -- at the heart of the planet. Quote2.png
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The Earth's Parliament is the embodiment of Earth 2 in terms of the five who comprise all of existence upon the world.


Early history

The Parliament consists of The Blue who represent the power of the oceans, The Green of organic life, The Grey who embody decay, The Red who stand for animal savagery and The White for the power of the atmosphere.[1]

The members only meet when the Earth is in perilous danger such as Darkseid's invasion of Earth 2 to summon their avatars who embody the spirits to enact their will.

World's End

During the assault on Earth 2 by Darkseid, Deathspawn (Darkseid's child) is unleashed upon the world to begin the terraforming which would allow Apokolips to consume the planet. The Parliament assemble to combat this threat and summon their avatars: Alan Scott, Yolanda Montez, Azathoth, Sam Zhao and Solomon Grundy, Deathspawn however attacks the spirits themselves and kills the spirit of The Blue - and by proxy Azathoth, its Avatar, as it is revealed that and damage inflicted upon the spirits harms their avatar in like.

Alan Scott tunnels to the Parliament Enclave to fight the beast who escapes into the crust of the Earth[2] but is told to unite the five spirits as a final defence against Apokolips, once the avatars are assembled they combine inside Alan who unites their powers; first to inefficiently create a shield [3] and then to create a surge of energy which blasts through the Apokoliptian cover and allows the Wonders of the World and the World Army to transport the refugees through.


  • The five primordial powers parallel The Red, The Green and The Black on Prime Earth.
  • Similarly, being called a parliament seems to allude to the Parliaments of Trees, Limbs and Decay.
  • The five colors represented in Earth's Parliament (White, Blue, Green, Red, and Black) are the colors of mana (magical energy) in the mythos of the trading card game Magic the Gathering.

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