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     Reality names were reused several times. See also Earth-One, Earth -1.

Earth-1 or Earth 1 is a world where superheroes only just started their careers. Part of the Post-Infinite Crisis Multiverse and New 52 Multiverse, it is the setting for the Superman: Earth One, Batman: Earth One, Teen Titans: Earth One, Wonder Woman: Earth One, and Green Lantern: Earth One graphic novels.



When a trio of villains tried to gain godlike powers using Krona, one of the side effects was to push Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman out of the universe and into Earth-1. Here, they became gods, usurping the power of a group of extant deities, and built a home on a world of aliens who resembled the ancient Maltusians. They ruled wisely, until they were called to fight their way home.

In the aftermath, Krona found himself shackled in Earth-1. Here he was visited by the deities that the three heroes had taken the place of. They proceeded to use his power to remake the universe "as it was meant to be".

Superman and the Dheronian Invasion

Shortly after Clark Kent moved to Metropolis from Smallville, the Earth was invaded by thousands of alien ships lead by Tyrell. Tyrell explained over a world-wide broadcast that he and his people, the Dheronians, have been searching from planet to planet for the last remaining Kryptonian.

When Clark witnessed the bravery displayed by Jim Olsen and Lois Lane when confronted by deadly Dheronian Droids, he was inspired to honor his late adoptive father, Jonathan Kent, and don the costume his adoptive mother, Martha Kent, had made him when he was growing up from the materials found in the same spacecraft that Clark had crash-landed on Earth in many years earlier.

Calling himself Superman, Clark managed to ward off the invaders and kill Tyrell. When later interviewed, the general public had mixed feelings about an alien with advanced abilities living among them as their protector; some calling him a hero while others wondering if it was all an act to gain their trust simply to betray them at a later date.[1]

Batman's Beginning

The story begins a few years into Bruce Wayne's life his father, Thomas Wayne runs for mayor with his mother, Martha Wayne working as Thomas' campaign manager. His father invites a friend from his time as a soldier to come by and become his bodyguard. Thomas, Martha, and Bruce head out to go on an annual movie trip, to family butler Alfred's protest. Bruce and his family prepare to watch the film in the theater but someone cuts the power.

Roy Harper Cry for Justice
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  • The proto version of Earth-1 first appeared in Trinity #28.

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