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     Reality names were reused several times. See also Earth-X, Earth 10, Arrowverse: Earth-X.

Earth-10 is one of fifty-one divergent realities that branched from the core New Earth reality during the recreation of the Multiverse shortly following the events of Infinite Crisis.


In this reality, Nazi Germany won World War II due to the Kryptonian known as Overman having landed in 1938 and raised by Adolf Hitler. Earth became an oppressed world under Nazi rule as hundreds of thousands of facilities are used for separating genetic lines, in which those deemed inferior are killed and others will be used to breed.[1] As a result, a deeply repentant Overman, ashamed of the atrocities committed by the Nazis, changed Earth into a pseudo-utopia. Resistance against the current regime are the Freedom Fighters.

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The following individuals were appointed by Hitler to be his heroes. They believe that "heroes spring from the essence of their people".


  • It is one of the alternate realities of the post-Infinite Crisis Multiverse.
  • It is based on the pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths reality of Earth-X.
  • Writer Grant Morrison on Earth-10: "I handled that particular revamp, so I can tell you that the original concept of the Freedom Fighters on a world where the Nazis won World War II has been greatly reconsidered, expanded and intensified into something that's a bit more Wagnerian and apocalyptic and a bit more adult.[2]
  • The English language is no longer spoken on Earth-10; presumably German is the universal language on this world.


  • The current Fuhrer of Earth-10 is a woman.[3]

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