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Earth-184 was one of the many alternate realities that existed before the multiverse was restructured during the Crisis On Infinite Earths.


On Earth-184, one of Superman and Batman (and Robin)'s greatest foes was the Automator. When the heroes were on the verge of capturing the Automator, Superman was called away to prevent an airplane accident, and Robin tripped and hurt his ankle, forcing Batman to confront Automator alone. The Automator was able to turn the tables, apparently kill Batman by disintegration, and escape.

Robin blamed himself for Batman's death. He staged the deaths of Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson in a skiing accident in the Alps; and adopted the new identity of Rick Danner, an orphan living in Keystone City with his Uncle Alfred. While attending Keyer University as Danner, Robin continued to fight crime and search for the Automator.

Meanwhile, Batman wasn't dead. The Automator had teleported Batman to his secret lair, where he began a long-term brainwashing program to make Batman his willing slave. Because he knew it would take a while, he also provided Batman with an anti-aging serum, so he would stay young and strong. The Automator also continued developing his crime machines.

After college, "Rick Danner" moved back to Gotham and continued his Robin career. One day, approximately 10 years after Batman's "death", a new criminal appeared in Metropolis who was named Golden Gloves by the press. Because of the advanced technology Golden Gloves used, Robin suspected the Automator may be behind the new criminal, and teamed up with Superman to capture him. The two heroes were able to stop Golden Gloves, discover he was really Batman, and captured the Automator. However, this came at a price — Superman was permanently blinded by one of Golden Glove's weapons. So now Robin had to care for both of his mentors: to begin Batman's rehabilitation after brainwashing, and to help Superman operate without his sight.

This universe was presumably destroyed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, and then (presumably) retroactively saved from destruction during the Convergence event.



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