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Earth-1927 is a parallel timeline in which the Earth was wrecked by pollution. The survivors of humanity, led by Jon Kent, Lutor and Paula Von Gunther - known as the Savanti - left their homeworld and resettled on a terraformed Mars.


The three leaders then embarked on the building of a great city in which Kent and Lutor created Metropolis, while Paula quarreled on her belief that Metropolis was not the answer and instead created her own city - a flying city known as "Heaven" - where she used her knowledge of genetics and the genes of the Earth animals she saved to create her own race of beast-like Amazons.

The friendship of the original founders of Metropolis was jeopardized, as both men were in love with the same woman, Marta. When she chose Jon over Lutor, the scientist killed her, then used advanced hypnosis to turn Jon into his mind-slave. Thereafter, Lutor began an oppressive reign over Metropolis through his puppet. During this repressive age, the Amazons of Heaven were suffering from genetic fragmentation, and became the source of violent strife on the flying city. In response, Paula sent her perfect Amazon daughter. Diana. to Metropolis below in search of new gene stock; she was captured and had her memories erased by Lutor. With Diana lost, Heaven fell under the rule of Cheetah, who killed Paula.

Metropolis was later freed from Lutor's rule when Clarc Kent-son, the Super-man, overthrew and killed the mad scientist. In the aftermath, Clarc and his wife Lois restored the city under an enlightened rule.

Under the Super-man and his wife's reign, the Nosferatu emerged and ruled the criminal and dark realm of Metropolis. An altercation between Super-Man and the Nosferatu brought them into the underworld, where they found ancient, sentient machines who once built Metropolis and secretly sustain it as they watch over humanity. Both Super-Man and the Nosferatu departed on amicable terms in which they ruled their respective domains.

In Heaven, the Amazons were still flawed from their genetic makeup, forcing Cheetah to travel to Metropolis to find Diana, whose genes could save her people. There, she struck a deal with Dr. Psykho - who possessed Diana - to hand the girl over if Cheetah could kill the Super-man.

Cheetah brought her Amazon army to the city against the Super-Man, who is then assisted by the Nosferatu and the inmates from the Asylum. Ultimately, the battle was decided when a freed Diana defeated Cheetah in a duel. In the aftermath, peace is restored to Metropolis, and the three "worlds" are reunited.



  • This reality is inspired by pre-WWII German expressionist cinema: Fritz Lang's Metropolis, F.W. Murnau's Nosferatu and Josef von Sternberg's The Blue Angel.
  • This reality is first named in Absolute Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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