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Earth-230 is a world where Lex-El is Superman, and Killer Kent is a criminal.


On the planet Krypton, Jor-El watches his wife Lara's funeral, accompanied by his son Lex-El. Driven mad with grief, he destroys the planet and flees to Earth, hoping to gain superpowers under Earth's yellow sun.

Meanwhile, on Earth, notorious bank robbers Jonathan and Martha Kent hire scientist Dr Markem to ensure their son Clark will inherit their criminal tendencies. Markem develops the Chromo-Stimulant, a brain implant that ensures no matter how Clark is raised, he will become the greatest criminal on Earth.

Jor-El's rocket crashes to Earth, in the process causing the Kents, who are in a chase with the police, to crash. Jor-El does not develop superpowers as he expected, but Lex does and saves him for the crash. Meanwhile, Markem has successfully implanted the Chromo-Stimulant into Clark's brain, but, not wanting the child to slow him down as he goes on the run, abandons Clark outside the Smallville Orphanage.

Jor-El and Lex settle down in Smallville under the names Jordan and Lex Luthor, while Clark is adopted by the Lang family and renamed Clark Lang. Lex, Lana and Clark grow up together, and Clark and Lex become best friends. Clark saves Lex, in his superhero identity as Superboy, from an assassin armed with a Kryptonian metal bullet. This inspires Lex to reveal his identity to Clark, but also leads the insane Jor-El to decide to destroy Smallville.

Superboy flies Clark to the Rocky Mountains, and Jor-El releases the Matter Vacuum on Smallville. Just as Lex is about to tell Clark his identity, the Chromo-Stimulant activates, causing Clark to freeze up and fall off the mountain. Lex saves Clark and flies him to his father's office, then goes off to destroy the Matter Vacuum.

Jor-El discovers Clark and tries to kick him out of the house, but a newly aggressive Clark attacks him, accidentally causing his death. The unrepentant Clark robs the house and flees. Meanwhile, Superboy destroys the Vacuum and realises it is of Kryptonian design, and his father was trying to destroy the town. He goes home to confront his father, only to find Jor-El dead and Clark gone.

Ten years later, Lex is now a reporter at the Daily Planet, and the hero Superman. Lois Lane, another reporter as well as a volunteer nurse, leaves for the hospital, and Lex, who is attracted to Lois and has heard she is in love with a coma patient at the hospital, follows her as Superman. Lex watches Lois with his x-ray vision and recognises the patient as Clark. He also overhears a doctor refer to Clark as a crook, and rushes off to confirm this with Lt. Hanley, his contact with the police.

After Lex leaves, a now very elderly Dr Markem arrives and uses a teleporter to transport himself and the comatose Clark to his secret hideout. Markem revives Clark, and tells him the truth about his parents and the Chromo-Stimulant. He then has a heart attack before he can ask Clark for the money his parents still owed him for the procedure, dying at the uncaring Clark's feet.

The newly revived "Killer Kent" arms himself with the weapons in Marekm's lair, swearing to destroy Superman, "Then... nothing will stop Clark Kent!".

This universe was presumably destroyed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, and then (presumably) retroactively saved from destruction during the Convergence event.


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