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Earth-353 was an alternate world in which the baby Kal-El was raised by the Waynes in Gotham City.


Kal-El was found by Jim Gordon in a marsh outside Gotham City. The abandoned child was brought to home of Thomas and Martha Wayne. When no one claimed the abandoned child the Waynes' adopted the child. As the child grew he was using his super powers and strength which baffled the Waynes'. One night as the Waynes' were leaving a movie theater a criminal by the name of Joe Chill planned on robbing and killing the Waynes'. Instead their child Bruce came to his adoptive parents rescue. As Joe Chill fired his bullets they bounced off Bruce's body, hit and ultimately killed Joe Chill. Before succumbing to his fatal wounds officer James Gordon arrived and was able to get a death confession from Joe who said he was hired by Lew Moxon. This confession lead to the imprisonment of Lew Moxon and a promotion for Officer Gordon.

The Waynes' contacted Sergeant Gordon concerning their adoptive son and his special abilities. This resulted in keeping Bruce's powers secret from scientist and government officials, and that Sergeant Gordon and Thomas Wayne would train and teach Bruce on how to use his special powers to benefit mankind. Years later on Bruce's 21st birthday, Lew Moxon crashed the party looking for revenge on Thomas Wayne and Commissioner Gordon. Acting fast Bruce used the drapes to hide his features was able to stop Lew Moxon and leave the scene. Soon afterwards Commissioner Gordon would like to have Bruce working with law enforcement. While Thomas Wayne wanted Bruce to work in the field of science. Bruce said that he would not only fight crime but would help mankind. Bruce said he would wear a special costume and take the name Superman.

This universe was presumably destroyed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, and then (presumably) retroactively saved from destruction during the Convergence event.


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