Earth-388 was an alternate dimension in the Pre-Crisis Multiverse that had no Earth. It had the Sun and the other eight planets and even the Moon, but no Earth.

In the Earth-One dimension, Professor Farlow Nurd used his "World Duplicator" to make a copy of the planet Earth (including copies of all the people on it). He meant for the duplicate Earth to appear away from the real Earth, so it could follow the Earth in the same orbital path. However, the duplicate Earth appeared occupying the same space as the real Earth, which displaced the real Earth into the Earth-388 dimension, while the duplicate Earth took its place in the Earth-One dimension.

The inhabitants of the duplicate Earth were not exact duplicates of the original Earth inhabitants. For example, the duplicate Superman had no vulnerability to Kryptonite but could be harmed by chocolate syrup, and the duplicate Lex Luthor had a head of luxurious hair that grew whenever he was excited. All of these small differences added up to their society appearing like a nonsensical parody of the original Earth (although it made sense to them). Also, the duplicate Earth had different physical properties -- from space, the oceans appeared white and each continent had its own bright color.

With help from the real Superman (who was off-planet at the time of the switch), Professor Nurd was able to reverse the dimensional shift, bringing the real Earth back to the Earth-One dimension and sending the duplicate Earth to the Earth-388 dimension where it could exist in peace, its occupants unaware that they were duplicates or that they had imperiled the real Earth.

This universe was presumably destroyed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, and then (presumably) retroactively saved from destruction during the Convergence event.



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