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Earth-417 was an alternate world in which Superman initially landed on Mars, and only later came to Earth.


The planet Krypton explodes and the infant child is sent off into space. Instead of landing on Earth the Kryptonian Rocket lands on the planet Mars. Mars was a warring planet and the rocket was perceived as an attack on the Martian warlord Commander Norr. As Commander Norr and his troops inspect the rocket a small child emerges and starts to swing at Commander Norr. However, the Martian troops which took this as an attack and immediately wanted to kill the child. Instead, Commander Norr took the child as his own to raise and train him and named him Skagerrak.

As time went on Commander Norr and his forces continued their conquest of Mars. Their next victim was the territory belonging to Dumumbluh another warlord of Mars. As the battle raged on Skagerrak had enough of his menial task as a stable boy and single handedly attacked the fortress and brought upon a quick victory for his adoptive father's forces. With no more territory to conquer Commander Norr was beginning to get bored of being a royal leader and wanted to continue his lifelong career as a conqueror.

The next phase of Commander Norr's conquest was to take over the planet Earth. Ships of various types were built and the invading forces made their way to Washington, D.C. where Skagerrak took the White House as war booty. The Martians still wanted to know more about their latest victims the Earthlings. Skagerrak volunteered to go in disguise to observe the humans firsthand. Commander Norr was against the plan but had to relent because Skagerrak would blend in with the humans a green Martian would stand out immediately.

As a disguised old man, Skagerrak's first encounter with the humans was at a soup kitchen. Skagerrak was surprised that food was given out for free without any form of compensation. His next encounter involved witnessing a volunteer Santa Claus collapse while ringing a bell for donations. Skagerrak was offered the position of bell ringer which he thought the money collected was for taxes. While on duty he witnesses a purse snatching and two good Samaritans taking on the bigger purse snatcher. The two good Samaritans were able to take down the purse snatcher with the unknown help of a blast of super-breath from Skagerrak. After the melee was over, the woman who had her purse snatched was ever so grateful to the two young men by giving them a small reward not to mention giving a donation to Santa Skagerrak.

Skagerrak immediately left his post to return to Commander Norr and informed him not to invade Earth. Skagerrak said Earth will be his new home and proceeded to help the United States Air Force defeat the Martian armada of spacecrafts. After the invasion threat was over and the unnamed savior Skagerrak was hailed as the hero, Perry White of the Daily Planet needed to know more about this alien so he challenged his staff of Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and Justin Moore to come up with a name for him based on the letter S on his costume.

At an unknown later time, Skagerrak as an unnamed journalist is at NASA where they were transmitting the first pictures of the planet Mars from the Mariner spacecraft. While the images were being transmitted what looked to be the shadow of two figures approached the spacecraft. Then the transmission was lost as a lance-type weapon was thrust into the lens of the spacecraft. Unknown to those on Earth of how the transmission was lost or how the lens was destroyed, but Skagerrak witnessed this with his telescopic vision.

This universe was presumably destroyed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, and then (presumably) retroactively saved from destruction during the Convergence event.


  • Commander Norr
  • Skagerrak
  • Dumumbluh
  • Superman
  • Perry White
  • Lois Lane
  • Jimmy Olsen
  • Justin Moore



  • When Perry White was talking with his staff he used the similar lines from Superman the Movie when Superman first appeared in Metropolis. "I want the name of the Daily Planet to go with this flying martian like love and marriage... ...death and taxes... ...politics and corruption. What's his favorite baseball team...? Does he have a girlfriend...? What's his name...?"

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