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     Reality names were reused several times. See also Earth 43, Earth-Forty-Three.

Earth-43 is one of fifty-one divergent realities that branched from the core New Earth reality during the recreation of the Multiverse shortly following the events of Infinite Crisis. A world of vampires and the supernatural, inhabited by a vampire Batman.




  • It is one of the alternate realities of the post-Infinite Crisis Multiverse.
  • In Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Compendium, it was revealed that an equivalent universe existed pre-Crisis known as Earth-1191.
    • On Earth-1191, Batman did not come back to life after the ending of Batman: Crimson Mist. On Earth-43, Batman either prevented his death or was resurrected by unknown means, which led to him targeting criminals and innocents alike.[1]
    • Earth-1191's Batman appeared to work alone with no indication of Barbara Gordon or Dick Grayson. On Earth-43, he converted the two into vampires.
  • The Infinite Crisis video game has its own version of Earth-43, and similarly has a vampiric Nightmare Batman. However, Nightmare Batman has a different origin from the comics' Earth-43 Batman, as he was turned into a vampire by Ra's Al Ghul instead of Dracula.

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