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Earth-462 was one of dozens of interregnum realities created by Alexander Luthor during the "Infinite Crisis" event.


Little is known of this reality, but two of its champions appear to be a blond-haired version of Wonder Woman and a young Wonder Girl. Together they fought against Per Degaton. Apparent versions of Robin, The Flash and Green Arrow are also present, all wearing military helmets and variants of their costumes in the style of military uniforms. One of their opponents is apparently a version of Captain Nazi bearing a Nazi swastika on his chest. They are battling in front of what appears to be a (heavily damaged) version of the United States Capitol Building. This Earth was combined with another (Earth-154) by Alexander Luthor in his reality-altering “petri dish”, with the result an unnamed, unnumbered Earth, one seemingly inhabited by warring superhero dynasties within a Mesoamerican-derived culture. It collapsed shortly after its creation and was folded back into the reborn cosmos that followed Infinite Crisis.


  • The apparent Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl shown in this reality seem to be pastiches culled from other media. The Wonder Woman seen here is patterned in the style of Diana Prince from the 1974 Wonder Woman movie, starring Kathy Lee Crosby, including that Wonder Woman's blond hair. Wonder Girl appears to be derived from the Debra Winger character Drusilla, who assumed the guise of Wonder Girl in the 1978 Wonder Woman television series.

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