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     Reality names were reused several times. See also Earth 48.

Earth-48 is one of fifty-one divergent realities that branched from the core New Earth reality during the recreation of the Multiverse shortly following the events of Infinite Crisis.


Eons ago, Earth was the site of a series of brutal interplanetary wars. When the world's nations could not satisfy themselves battling each other, they extended their war to the stars. Ultimately, the battles resulted in the loss of nearly all life on the planet. Representatives from nine worlds in the galaxy gathered together to form a planetary council. Under the auspices of that dimension's Monitor, they formed the Planetary Combat Treaty. From that point forward, all conflicts between aligned worlds would be settled in regulated combat on the planet Earth. The benefit was that innocents from other planets would not be harmed. The victor of these battles would thereafter occupy their opponent's home world for a predetermined number of centuries until such time that their respective contracts expired. In addition to the rules of combat, the Saturnarian delegates decreed that all records left behind on the planet relating to its history and culture was to be destroyed. Earth was renamed War World.

This system proved successful, and continued for countless millennia. As centuries passed, the wounded survivors from each battle were left behind and forced to eke out an existence for themselves. These survivors of the nine worlds eventually grew to become the strongest and most intelligent of their respective races. They embarked upon a journey deep under the ground and grew into a mighty tribal society. The delegates of the Planetary Council were either unaware of these survivors, or they simply didn't care. Mixed bloodlines of the nine worlds yielded a race of beings with exceptional strength, speed and stamina. Those of Martian heritage even developed slight telepathic abilities; the strongest of whom was known as the Thought-Mother. These beings would eventually become known as the Forerunners.

As years passed, the Forerunner society grew strong, until one day, they returned to the surface in open defiance of the Planetary Council. They waged war against their progenitors across the ruins of War World. At the close of the war, only nine members of the Nine Houses survived, and only one-hundred Forerunners were left standing. The Nine submitted to a peace accord with the Forerunners, officiated by the Monitors. Some forerunners believed that the Monitors may have even known that these hybrid warriors would one day defeat the Nine Houses.

Years later, the Thought-Mother informed a young Forerunner named Viza Aziv that a Mercurian invasion fleet was coming to War World. Mercurians in particular despised the Forerunners and often sent their elite warriors on hunting parties to capture them. It was their intent to mate with Forerunner females in order to breed the ultimate warrior. Viza Aziv, one of the more highly decorated Forerunners, viciously fought the Mercurians, easily defeating them. It marked her 400th successful kill against Mercurian aggressors. Moments after the battle, a Monitor descended down from the sky and introduced himself to Viza. He told her of a pact he once made with the Forerunners, which stipulated that in exchange for freeing them from the persecution of the Nine Houses, a chosen one would one day serve as the Monitor's instrument of righteous death.

The Monitor sent his Forerunner to the dimensional reality of New Earth to sanction two alleged "reality-jumpers", Jason Todd and Donna Troy. Forerunner ambushed both of them at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. In the midst of battle however, another Monitor appeared and prevented her from finishing the two heroes off. Having failed to kill her intended targets, Viza Aziz felt she had brought dishonor to her people, and deserved to be exiled. She tore away the braid of hair that represented her physical link to the Monitors, cutting herself off completely from them. She later became an agent of Monarch and served with him in the arterial boundary known as the Bleed.

While Viza Aziz was working off-planet, the villain known as Dark Angel and a legion of Shadow Demons invaded the Earth-48 dimension laying waste to War World. Monarch learned of this and told Viza, who swore to kill Dark Angel and avenge her people.

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