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Earth-494 is a pirate world; home to Captain Leatherwing, a pirate who fought alongside Capitana Felina against the insane pirate the Laughing Man.



On this reality, accelerated climate change has resulted in rapid sea level rise, transforming Earth into a devastated waterworld. Several vigilantes sail the Seven Seas and do all they can to maintain peace and stop piracy. Captain Leatherwing, his sidekick Robin Redblade and the crew of the Flying Fox fly their flag high and bring safety wherever the wind may carry them. A sadistic white-faced pirate known as the Laughing Man brought his ship to combat with Captain Leatherwing, in hopes of ruining him and steal his treasures, but Leatherwing stabbed the pirate through the chest and killed him, leaving his body pinned to the mast of his ship.[1]

The Bride of Leatherwing

Capitana Felina and Robin Redblade are captured by Admiral Cobblepot, who plans to turn them in for a bounty on their heads by the king of Spain. Leatherwing gets word of this, and then sets out to save them. He and his crew then attack Cobblepot's ships and rescue Felina and Redblade. The three of them and Alfredo then send Cobblepot out in a longboat that eventually reaches the south pole.[2]


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