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Earth-86 is a world in which a 20-days atomic war devastated much of the Earth in October, 9th, 1986.[1] What remains is guarded by the Atomic Knights. Hercules and a variant of Kamandi also populate this world.


The war caused the extinction of almost all plant and animal life on Earth and led to widespread amnesia in many of the people left alive, especially soldiers. The only food remaining is canned. Money is worthless. The present radiation doesn't cause cancer, rather causing strange transformations in unprotected victims. H-bomb explosions have changed the shape of the continents.

Sometimes, this universe was assumed to exist in Gardner Grayle's mind as part of a virtual reality where the soldier was being trained.[2]

Earth-86 was presumably destroyed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, and then (presumably) retroactively saved from destruction during the Convergence event.



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