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There have been two realities called "Earth-898" in the DC multiverse.


On the first Earth-898, Jonathan and Martha Kent got a puncture due to a stray nail on the day Kal-El's rocket came to Earth. Therefore they stayed home that day and instead he was found by an Amish family who raised him not to involve himself in the outside world's affairs. As such he never became Superman, and without him the world's superheroes were less united and distrusted by the people. It was connected to other alternate realities similar to Earth-Three and Earth-S, with their own Crime Syndicate and Marvel Family respectively, and had to deal with the various realities around it and time periods merging as a result of the Limbo Cell evolving to the point it could consume other realities and the barriers between them.[1][2]

The second Earth-898 was created by Alexander Luthor in his search for the perfect Earth and contained 19th century Western heroes such as Bat Lash, Scalphunter, El Diablo, Nighthawk, Cinnamon, and Jonah Hex.[3]

The original Earth-898 was initially one of the alternate realities in Hypertime. It later became part of the true Multiverse after the Dark Crisis.[4]




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