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     Reality names were reused several times. See also Earth 9.

Earth-9 was one of fifty-one divergent realities that branched from the core New Earth reality during the recreation of the Multiverse shortly following the events of Infinite Crisis. It is home to the heroes of Tangent Comics.



Earth-97 was once one of a multitude of Earths, separated from each other by differing vibrational frequencies, each in its own unique universe. Like a significant number of its counterparts, Earth-97 was populated with a vast array of super-powered heroes, villains and mystically-endowed personages. Many of these figures adopted heroic aliases similar to heroes found on New Earth, such as the Atom, the Flash, the Green Lantern and Manhunter. Unlike many other Earths, the heroic title was often all an Earth-97 meta shared with their New Earth counterpart, and their origin, costume, powers and secret identity could all differ significantly.

Earth-97's timeline resembled that of Earth-Prime up until the Cuban Missile Crisis: on Earth-97, the crisis erupted into nuclear war, with both Florida and Cuba annihilated. From then on, events diverged significantly: the Vietnam War ended in 1968 with an American victory, President Nixon was assassinated on a visit to China in 1975, and the Soviet Union remained a superpower in global politics up through 1998.

The creation of Earth-97's Ultra-Humanite in 1998 triggered a global electromagnetic pulse, leaving the population, normal and meta alike, struggling to adjust.

Post-Infinite Crisis

When Alex Luthor recreated the Multiverse, Earth-97 was among the Earths he brought forth, but when the various Earths collapsed in on each other to form New Earth, it apparently ceased to exist once more. However, the lantern of Earth-97's Green Lantern survived, washing up on a beach on New Earth, where it was found by two boys.

When the Earth-97 versions of Flash, Atom and Green Lantern emerged from the lantern, Kyle Rayner, then acting as Ion, confronted them, managing to send them back where they had come. Kyle then gave the lantern to Guy Gardner for safe keeping.[1]

The 52 Multiverse

Following the creation of New Earth, a new Multiverse was formed, made up of 52 different Earths. Earth-9 of the new Multiverse strongly resembles the former Earth-97. The Monitor responsible for Earth-9 has indicated that, besides the standard methods of traveling between Earths, there is also a unique portal which leads to this Earth.[2] The portal reveals to be the lantern from the then Earth-97.

The Flash of Earth-9 found herself stranded on New Earth when the Earth-9 lantern flared to life,[3] and turned to her New Earth counterpart, Wally West, and Green Lantern John Stewart, for assistance.

Meanwhile, on Earth-9 itself, its Superman (Harvey Dent) had ruled the planet for a decade. Most of the other superhumans, such as Joker, Green Lantern, and the Secret Six, had been imprisoned or driven underground.[4] After the Flash had brought the New Earth heroes to Earth-9, the Superman soon learned the existence of New Earth and intended on bringing his rule to that reality. Through the teamwork of both the New Earth and Earth-9 heroes they were able to defeat the Superman and imprisoned him and his followers, and in the process liberating Earth-9 from his authority. Leaving the Earth-9 heroes to repair the damages the Superman had done.[5]


Earth-9 was one of the many Earths taken to Convergence. While it was originally erased after Superman (Harvey Dent) surrendered to Pre-Crisis Flash, it was restored afterwards.

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