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Earth-A is an alternate timeline of Earth-One, created by that universe's Johnny Thunder, where all heroes are gone and he replaced them with the Lawless League.


When the Earth-One Johnny Thunder gains control of the Thunderbolt, he uses it to temporarily reshape Earth-One such that several heroes retroactively cease to exist, their powers being transferred to some of Johnny's fellow criminals. (The Thunderbolt is 'keyed' to simply obey Johnny Thunder, without any distinction made between alternate versions of Thunder, and so had to obey the orders of the criminal Johnny, although he often tries to work in loopholes to give the heroes an advantage.) This alternate version of Earth-One is sometimes referred to as Earth-A. Thunder's 'Lawless League' of evil Justice League heroes are defeated by the visiting Justice Society of America of Earth-Two, who subsequently face off against Johnny Thunder on the moon. When the fight comes down to a struggle between Doctor Fate and the Thunderbolt, Johnny Thunder is so battered about by the combating magic wielders that he finally gives up his attempts to use the Thunderbolt and wishes that none of these events had taken place.[1] This world was later restored to the Multiverse by the events of Convergence.



  • Due to the Crisis on Infinite Earths some of Johnny Thunder's adventures have been retconned out of existence when his history was moved from Earth-Two to New Earth. A counterpart that has since been retconned out existed on Earth-One, but this version was a simple petty criminal with no Thunderbolt.
  • Not a true parallel universe in the context of a Multiverse, this was instead presented as an alternate present in which Justice League members had never become superheroes. This timeline was wiped out in the course of the storyline.

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