Earth-ABC, the ABC Universe, is the home of the long-lived adventurous Science Hero Tom Strong, mystical champion Promethea, screwball 'heroes' The First American and Splash Brigannan, Indigo City defenders Cobweb and Greyshirt, prepubescent ultra-genius Jack B. Quick, and police officers Toybox and Smax, among others.



  • Earth-ABC is part of a larger Multiverse itself, including the various alternate reality precincts collaborating with the main ABC universes' Precinct 10 (colloquially known as Top Ten), a more traditionally superheroic universe designated Earth A home to Tom and Tesla Terrific (itself with an evil counterpart reality known as Earth B with Tiberius "Black Tom" Strong and Twyla Strong),[1] a universe where the Aztek empire survived to become Multiversal conquerors,[2] and a universe of anthropomorphic animals and inanimate objects operating on different laws of physics defended by the rabbit Warren Strong.[1] The main ABC universe has been referred to by some other universes as both Earth-2058[2] and Earth-C.[1]


  • Earth-ABC's super-powered champions are referred to as Science Heroes, rather than super-heroes.
  • The amazing parallel world of Terra Obscura is located in the same universe as Earth-ABC, but on the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy. It is inhabited by the Science-Heroes of SMASH.
  • After World War II, the vast majority of Earth-ABC's science heroes were relocated to the city of Neopolis, as their rapidly growing rogues galleries and supporting casts became too much for society at large to handle;[3] only select teams such as America's Best continued regular operation.
  • In the wake of the restructuring of the Multiverse, Earth-ABC is now re-labeled 25. It is opposite Earth 31.

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