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Earth-Batman is a pocket dimension created by Pariah as a personal paradise for Batman.


On Earth-Batman, Professor Jonathan Crane was a doctor at Arkham Asylum who experimented on the inmates. One of them, a serial killer known only as Inmate 3141, was so insane that his madness overloaded Crane's machine and created a psychic virus that drove most of the world mad. The sheer weight of diseased minds literally broke reality, reducing the entire planet to a blasted wasteland populated by roving madmen known as the "sneertouched".

Bruce Wayne investigated the ruins of the Asylum and discovered the secrets of the inmates' twisted sciences. He saw a way to preserve some small pocket of civilisation and sanity by creating a great city-machine known as the Gotham Escapement, which would house and protect those unaffected by the virus while also generating a field which allowed the normal rules of physics to apply within its borders. However Wayne, who had been traumatised by seeing his parents killed as a child, knew that his deep-seated trauma would not allow him to effectively build and run a utopia. Therefore, he created a perfect duplicate of himself, and split his personality and memories between them, one possessing his most positive traits and one embodying all his darkest impulses. The lighter half called himself "Mr. Wax" and built the Escapement, watching over it and protecting the people during the day; meanwhile the darker half called himself "The Night" and patrolled the city in darkness, killing any criminals who threatened the citizens. In this way they each achieved their own form of happiness.

Bruce also realised that his two halves could not coexist and so altered his memories so neither would know who or what the other was, but inevitably, one or both of them would figure it out and they would journey into the Madlands outside the city looking for answers. His loyal butler Alfred was tasked to stay in the ruins of Arkham and, each time they found him, knock them unconscious, wipe their memories and send them home. Alfred would also release one of the Asylum inmates from cryogenic suspension and send him to the city to be the Night's "nemesis". Every time he planted evidence that the current nemesis was the one who shot Thomas and Martha Wayne, allowing Bruce to avenge his parents over and over again.[1]

Barry Allen escaped his own paradise world with the help of Wally West and Linda.[2] He journeyed through the other paradise worlds looking for his teammates and found Earth-Batman. Barry tried to convince The Night to leave, but found that Bruce's memories had been altered to the new reality and that he did not recognise him.

The Night drove Barry away and so he travelled to John Stewart's paradise world where he found Hal Jordan. Barry took Hal back to Earth-Batman in the hopes of making Bruce remember the truth.[3] Bruce still did not consciously remember his real life, but they realised he subconsciously recognised them, as he knew Barry's name and had prepared a countermeasure to stop a Flash. Hal was able to break Bruce's brainwashing by showing him a construct of the Batman Family and he left Earth-Batman with them.

Earth-Batman was destroyed along with the other paradise worlds when the Justice League broke free.[4]

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  • The aesthetic of this world is inspired by the clockpunk genre.
  • The reality name was originally a nickname coined by Hal Jordan.

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