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Earth-C was one of a veritable infinite number of parallel realities that comprised the original Multiverse. Earth-C was home to anthropomorphic animals including Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew.


Earth-C was distinguished from other parallel Earths in that it was one of the few that was not occupied by analogs of characters found on other Earths. People such as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman never existed on Earth-C. However, nearly every major U.S. City existed on Earth-C, albeit with an animal-inspired name (i.e., Mew Orleans as opposed to New Orleans).

Earth-C was first discovered when the Superman of Earth-One accidentally pierced an energy barrier created by a strange, glowing meteor that teleported him to the Earth-C dimension. Unaware at first that he was in an alternate dimension, he flew towards what he believed to be the parent office of Galaxy Communications. What he found instead was Wombat Communications, a media publishing house responsible for cartoons and comic books such as the JLA (Just'a Lotta Animals). It was here that Superman first encountered mild-mannered artist Roger Rabbit. After a brief exchange, Roger began eating a mysterious glowing carrot. Unaware that anything was amiss, he soon developed a muscular physique, super-hearing and the ability to bunny-hop clear across the city. Roger donned a costume he acquired from a costume party and became the super-hero known as Captain Carrot. Across the country, other animals experienced similar transformations. Roger met with these super-powered critters and together they formed the Zoo Crew.

After the Crisis on Infinite Earths, it was revealed that Earth-C and Earth-C-Minus were actually "alternate dimensions" rather than parallel Earths, and thus were spared from the effects of Crisis.[1] It was later shown to be a Hypertime reality.[2]

When the Multiverse was recreated in the wake of the Infinite Crisis, Earth-C was designated as Earth-26 and in the fallout from Flash: Flashpoint was designated as Earth 26.

Points of Interest

United Species of America
The United Species of America is an analog to the United States of America in other realities. From the atmosphere, the United Species of America actually resembles an image from a map, rather than an actual geological location, including the words "United Species of America" printed across the country in typeset.
Bel Airdale
Bel Airdale is an analog of Bel Air, California and is the birth place of actor Byrd Rentals, aka, Rubber Duck.
Califurnia is an analog to the U.S. State of California. Two of its more notable cities are Bel-Airdale and Follywood. Rova Barkitt, Byrd Rentals, and Mallard Filmore all hail from Califurnia.
Earth-C Minus
Earth-C Minus is a spin-off reality tangentially connected to Earth-C. This is the reality of the characters featured in the Earth-C comic book series Just'a Lotta Animals. The titular heroes of the series, the JLA, consisted of anamorphic versions of Earth-One's Justice League of America, including: Aquaduck, the Crash, Green Lambkin, Batmouse, Super-Squirrel and Wonder Wabbit. The JLA became a central part of a dimension-spanning event known as "Crisis on Earth-C".[3]
Follywood is an analog of Hollywood California and is the place of birth of Rova Barkitt, aka, Yankee Poodle. Future Zoo Crew member Chester Cheese attended studies at Follywood High School.
Gnu York
Gnu York is an analog for New York and is the base of operations for Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew.
Los Antelopes
Los Antelopes is an analog of Los Angeles, California.
Mew Orleans
Mew Orleans is an analog to New Orleans and is the place of birth of Felina Furr, aka, Alley-Kat-Abra.
Piggsburgh is an analog of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is the place of birth of Peter Porkchops, aka, Pig-Iron.
Tallahatchee is an analog of Tallahassee, Florida.
United Nature Building
The United Nature Building is an analog to the United Nations building and is located in Gnu York. Captain Carrot and Superman once had to stop a riot that took place there when the U.N. delegates suddenly began devolving into their animal counterparts.
Wombat Communications
Wombat Communications is a media conglomerate located in Gnu York City. Operated by Mister Wombat, it is responsible for producing the Just'a Lotta Animals comic book series. Roger Rabbit worked at Wombat Communications as an artist on the series.



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