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Earth-D was the designation for an Earth, and the Universe it inhabited, that existed prior to the Crisis on Infinite Earths.


Earth-D was very similar to Earth-One and had a Silver Age "feel". This universe had its own super-hero analogues to Earth-One, except they are more ethnically diverse. For example an Asian version of the Flash, a black Superman, and a Native American Green Arrow. This universe had its preeminent super-team, the Justice Alliance of America.

During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Flash (Barry Allen) of Earth-One first discovered Earth-D by accident while attempting to escape to the 20th century on his Earth from the 30th century to warn about the threat of the Anti-Monitor. Pariah and Lady Quark soon follow later on Earth-D, and thereafter heralding the arrival of the antimatter red skies. After the Justice Alliance were warned of the situation, they required the help of the Justice League of America of Earth-One. However, Earth-D was overwhelmed by an invasion of Shadow Demons and inflicting several casualties on the Justice Alliance. As the heroes realized there is no hope of saving Earth-D, they resorted to their only option of evacuating the denizens of Earth-D to Earth-One. Only several million people were evacuated as Earth-D begins to be destroyed from existence. The remaining members of the Justice Alliance ultimately resigned themselves to protecting their world. Fortunately, the events of Convergence restored Earth-D to existence.



  • Rumored to represent what Marv Wolfman believed the DC Universe should be after the Crisis [citation needed].

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