Reality names were reused several times. See also Earth-5, Earth 5. Earth-Five was a reality with no superheroes.


Phantom Stranger allowed Batman and Robin a chance to intervene in a confrontation where the Bruce Wayne of Earth-Five would lose his parents to a mugger. This raised ethical questions of whether or not it was moral to save the lives of the Wayne family when it would deprive the world of its greatest hero. Batman thwarted the mugger regardless, and the young Bruce Wayne was so inspired by witnessing this act of heroism that he started training and grew up to become a similar bat-themed hero, but this time not one born of tragedy.[1]

This universe was presumably destroyed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, and then (presumably) retroactively saved from destruction during the Convergence event.




  • According to Robin of Earth-One, this Earth seemed to have no heroic mythology (no Camelot, Hercules, Robin Hood, Odysseus, or Gilgamesh). However, there are apparently at least modern fictional heroes like Sherlock Holmes.
  • Neither Krypton nor its red sun exist in this reality.

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